A story of an organic gardener who wanted to bring people in touch with the rest of the nature
It all started from a herb farm where she worked as an intern. Her body ached from the hard work and her mind was wistful because the winter was slowly arriving.
Suddenly an aromatic plant called lemon balm came to rescue. It’s sweet and sour scent made her smile and she learned that this small herb was widely used as a sedative. Her heart opened – gardening offers holistic wellbeing for people.

Learning from nature + urban gardening
Soon she found herself happy as the pollinators feeding on her home grown herbs. She was finally taking care of her own garden on rich soil, watering with fresh water from her own well and fertilizing with manure from neighbour’s sheep and horses.
Yet she understood not everyone was that lucky, and ventured out to the city to share her gardening knowledge with the people living far from nature. She held workshops, organized camps and built garden beds for those who wanted to get some green to their lives amongst the concrete.

Making the world a bit greener and wearing flowers in our hair
The demand on natural life and edible cities grows as people get more conscious about the state of the world. HÖRBS helps to build hope seed by seed and encourages everyone to sniff lemon balm every once in a while.
As a cherry on the top – or a flower on a hat – HÖRBS creates crowns and party deco made out of waste flowers. Why not start hosting precious pollinators on top of our heads while also looking gorgeous!


  • Organic Gardener’s degree, Keuda Mäntsälä (2017)
  • Environmental science, Helsinki open university (2019)
  • Herbalist course, Virpi Raipala-Cormier, Frantsila organics (2016)
  • Massage and relaxation course, Petri Laurikka, Frantsila organics (2018)
  • Thai head massage course, Ong’s Thai massage school (2017)
  • NCycleX: Nitrogen: A global challenge, edX (2019)


  • Kaupunkiruokaa-exhibition, Helsinki city museum (2020)
  • Labby Catering and organic farm (2020->)
  • Frantsila organics herb farm (2020->)
  • 40 gardening units’ educational community garden, Teurastamo (2018-19)
  • Gardening camps for kids, Stadin puutarhuri (2018)
  • Garden journalist, Kotipuutarha-magazine (2017->)
  • courses: Annantalo, Torikorttelit, folk high schools, companies etc.


  • Frantsila organics herb farm (2016->)
  • Silmusalaatti organic micro greens farm (2016-18)
  • Uusi-Yijälä’s organic berry farm (2017)
  • Kumpula’s school garden (2017)
  • Wat and Poh’s jungle village organic bean and passion fruit farm (2017)
  • Majvik’s biodynamic vegetable farm (2016)
  • Ansari-Yhtymä’s flower farm (2016)


  • Earth School, UN (UNEP) and TedEd (2020)
  • Environmental work, CISV Finland (2020->)
  • Flower workshops, Koivula’s homeless center (2020->)
  • Urban garden activity, Dodo org (2016->)
  • International urban gardening camp, CISV (2016)